Below are the pricing details for our virtual payment gateway (also called virtual terminal), which is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

*VirtualPay Only: Discount rate applies to qualified and mid-qualified transactions. Non-qualified transactions have a surcharge of 1%.

What is a Virtual Terminal?

If you are looking to accept credit cards on your computer, or on your website if you have an online shop (E-Commerce), than our virtual terminal is the perfect solution for you. The virtual terminal, also called virtual payment gateway, is easily accessible from any computer through our web-based merchant portal. A sale can be placed either by manually entering the credit card details in or by swiping the credit card through our USB operated credit card reader. Your customers will be able to put their credit card information and to place an order easily and securely through our secure payment gateway. MagicPay’s Virtual Terminal is super customizable; change your logo, address, phone, theme, colors and many other unique features on the receipt your customers will receive immediately after purchase. Export transactions easily to Quickbooks, setup recurring billing, accept electronic checks, advanced fraud protection and free online shopping cart system.

Payment Gateway Benefits:

  • Allow your customers to pay on your website
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Access the virtual terminal from any computer
  • Recurring billing option
  • Electronic check processing option
  • Online shopping cart integration
  • Quickbooks integration
  • Customize your receipts
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Fanminder


Extra Features




Shopping Cart Integration

MagicPay is pleased to work with a variety of shopping cart providers and we are constantly integrating new shopping carts to accommodate demand. Below you’ll be able to find a list of the most common shopping carts we are compatible with. The list is not inclusive, so please feel free to contact us for further inquiries about shopping cart systems that are not listed below.


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